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Niche Idea-Finally.

After months of agonizing over what my "niche"  is or what I am passionate about. It hit me like a ton of bricks.
Everyone said it was going to happen. I kept waiting and waiting.

I asked my best girlfriend what she thought, and although it was a good idea. It wasn't what I was looking for.

This past summer, I got to visit a longtime friend of 35 years and we were talking about his business of a

General Contractor and how busy he has gotten that he hardly has time to do all the paperwork required and

the daily office stuff. He told me for a longtime that he was lost in his office until a friend helped him develop

a system. The first thing she suggested was to make a file. A simple file. With that basic information, he slowly

designed "His" system. Now it runs smoothly. It doesn't take as long as it used to which frees him to do the

contracts and paper work needed for jobs he is working. The most impressive comment he made to me was that

"He balances his checkbook and Company books to the penny. Every month. Since Day One.  I am proud to say

that my friend has built a Great Business, has Earned an A+ Rating with the BBB as well as, built himself a Good

Reputation. He said "The he has always made sure that his customers were Always Happy before he left the job.

No matter what it took."

So in light of this conversation plus a few more weeks of asking  myself "What value can I offer?" Then the light buld went off as I was  listening to a webinar and it hit me. Office Management. Accounting.

Thinking about my friend, there are a lot of people out there in  business for themselves or going into business for themselves and KNOW  Nothing

about setting up and in their office. We see it every day in   the Network Marketing industry. People just like my friend, Tony Deas,  General Contractor with Deas Construction, Tallahassee, Fl. who don't  have a clue about setting up an office. So therefore, they need help.  They need someone who can get them started. Help them get organized. Set  up amd maintain a daily routine.

Okay-So What qualifies me? I went to college for an Accounting  Degree.( I haven't finished-YET)  I worked in an office for 5 years as  an office

manager, for a local Equipment Company who now is a John Deer  Dealership. During these five years I completely Automated their  accounting system. They were still working with a manual bookeeping  system and I researched accounting software and accounting firms and we  made the choice and had it installed

and I got it implemented. I managed every aspect of the Company  records-GL,AP,AR and Payroll. I got to the point that I did all of the  Accounting and could do almost do the Corporate Taxes.

So yea, I Love crunching numbers. I Love organizing and setting up  systems. That is what I aspire to give. My knowledge of a Home Based  Business Office

and Booking Information.

If you're one of those people who need help-I am here to help.

Carol L. Perdue

A Way to Meditate…

Everyone has a different way of meditating. I like to read something to calm my mind down. It helps me slow down and reflect for the day.

Recently, I found Vic Johnson and through that contact, I received the ebook ‘As A Man Thinketh’ by James Allen. What a wonderful book. I believe all his concepts are true and I will forward this to my sons, so that they may understand and use this wonderful information to their benefit at such young ages.

Also through this, I also was able to purchase “Day By Day”  with James Allen by Vic Johnson. It’s a meditation book based on a day by day basis for the month. Vic purchased the book “As A Man Thinketh”, but did not pick it back up until years later. After reading it for the third time, he knew that he could finally fulfill one of his dreams of being involved in the personal development industry.  So he launched with the sole purpose of giving this ebook version of the book that had  so influenced him. Therefore, producing the “Dad By Day” with James Allen and in it he includes complete text of As A Man Thinketh.

Now back to meditation, I have been reading the meditation guide since receiving it and it has given much pleasure as well as a way to wind my evening down. A lot of people read before bed, helping them to get sleepy. Hopefully, they’re reading something positive, something to set their mind at ease. Your mind is like a computer, garbage in-garbage out! And maybe bad dreams from reading the wrong stuff. Before bed is not the only time I meditate. When I do my gardening, I meditate and pray. For me, that is the time I feel closes to “my higher power”!!

Anyhow, I want to recommend everyone read “As A Man Thinketh“! If you get the chance to grab the meditation book, “Day By Day” with James Allen by Vic Johnson-GRAB IT. It is so worth it! 

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